A dark golden tom circled around his mate."Heatherlight,are you okay?"asked the tom.A light brown tabby queen nodded."I'm fine Lionclaw,"assured the queen."I just hoped our kits are too."Next to the queen's belly were two kits.One was a pretty dark brown dappled tabby she-cat and the other was a golden tabby tom."They are,"said Lionclaw.Heatherlight looked at Lionclaw."What should we do with our kits?"asked Heatherlight."We could each take one,"suggested Lionclaw.Heatherlight shook her head."I don't want them to fight in a battle when they grow up.Heatherlight lowered her gaze."I think it's best they go with you,"she murmured to Lionclaw."Prey is so scarce in the moors that there is barley enough prey for everyone in my Clan."Lionclaw gave his mate a lick on her ear and said,"Alright,the kits will go with me."Heatherlight got up and took Birchkit,the dark brown dappled she-cat,while Lionclaw took Swiftkit,the golden tabby tom.The two mates walked side by side until they reached the border.Heaherlight lowered Birchkit and gave her a lick on the head.Then she pressed herelf close to Lionclaw.The golden tabby tom dropped Swiftkit gently and licked Heatherlight's face and ears."Take care,"he whispered.Heatherlight nodded and ran to her border.Lionclaw watched her go and picked the two kits up to carry back to MoonClan's camp.

Chapter 1Edit