Prolouge Edit

Night layed over the dark sky.In the CloudClan nursery layed an unmoving queen.Next to the queen's belly layed two tiny kits.Leaves rustled the nursery as a tom slipped inside.He sniffed the air and then his mate.The tom's eyes widdened.His mate was sick with deadly greencough!The tom hurried to the medicine cat den."Snowberry,Mothflight is sick!"the tom bursted out.A snowy white she-cat with gray spotted fur woke up."Okay Stormpelt I'm coming."said Snowberry.The medicine cat snatched a pile of catmint and followed Stormpelt to the nursry.Inisde the nursery,Mothflight was gasping and coughing for air.Stormpelt darted to her,but was held back by Snowberry."Let me check her first."murmured Snowberry.Stormpelt nodded.Snowberry sniffed the striped brown queen.It was definatley greencough,but there was something else.Snowberry sniffed Mothflight again.Yes thought Snowberry.It was the the diesease of the posined rats.

Chapter 1Edit

Birdkit yawned.Her light brown tabby coat was ruffled and her dark blue eyes were still misty with sleep.Birdkit rubbed her eyes and shook herself.She gave her sister a sharp prod on the shoulder and woke her up.Mosskit sprang up at once.Then she looked around."Where is Mothflight?"asked the light gray kit.Birdkit shrugged her shoulder and siad,"Ler's go outside!"Mosskit and Birdkit ran to the clearing and jumped on a small tree to practice climbing.That was when Birdkit spotted her father going in the medicine cat den.I wonder what's going on,thought Birdkit.