Night washed the sky.A dark silver tabby queen curled protectively around two kits,waiting for her mate.Just then,a muscular dark gray tom appered.His black stripes were hardly visable against the dark sky and his dark amber eyes were glinted with worry.The dark silver tabby queen lifted her head and let out a purr.The dark gray tom hurried to the queen's side and pressed close to her."They're beautiful,"the tom whispered to his mate."What are their names Star?"The queen looked at the kits with glowing eyes."The fluffy brown tabby she-cat is Brook Where Small Fish Lives and the golden brown she-cat with ginger stripes is Dawn That Rise in Sky."said the queen proudly.The tom nodded and said,"For their Clan name,the brown tabby should be Bramblekit and the golden brown Dawnkit."The queen thought about the names for the momment and nodded slowly.Then she turned to her mate."How should we raise them?"she asked her mate.The tom looked at his mate."They should be raised by you for one moon and then you give one to me."The dark silver tabby nodded.Then she got up and licked her mate's ear."Until then,"she whispered.The tom nodded and returned the lick.Then the queen gathered the kits and headed for the mountains.

Chapter 1Edit

"Bramblekit,you better wake up or we'll play without you!"called a voice.A pretty fluffy brown tabby she-cat woke up by the loud voices.Her brothers,Tigerkit and Nightkit,were standing near the nursery's entrance.Bramblekit yawned and rubbed her eyes.Then she jumped gracefully out of her mother's,Silverdew,nest to join her brothers."Let's go,"said Tigerkit.The three kits charged to the clearing in FlameClan's camp.Blackstripe,their father,was near the clearing.He let out a purr as the three kits stopped next to him."Hi Blackstripe,"said Bramblekit."Hello Bramblekit,"replied Blackstripe.Then Tigerkit and Nightkit leaped on Blackstripe's pelt while Bramblekit pounced on his tail.Blackstripe collapsed to ground,letting out a fake moan.The three kits let out squeaks of happiness and jumped onto Blackstripe's back.The dark gray tom shook the kits off and purred."You'll be fine warriors someday,"he said.Then he left them to play together.

"Kits!"called Silverdew.The silver spotted tabby ran to them.She gave each one of them a lick on the head and led them to the fresh-kill pile.Silverdew picked up a fat mouse and gave it to them to ear."Make sure you share,"she said sternly.The kits nodded and started eating the mouse.When they were finished,Silverdew led them to the nursery.