FlameClan Edit

Leader: Spiderstar-black tom with gray paws and amber eyes

Deputy: Lilypelt-pale gray she-cat with stripes legs and blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Poppyfern-brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes


Warriors: Amberfire-golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Toadpelt-black tom with green eyes

Beetleclaw-brown tabby tom with a white chest and yellow eyes

Honeyflower-dark ginger she-cat with white paws and green eyes

Brackenwhisker-golden brown tom with amber eyes

Songbreeze-dark gray she-cat with darker flecks and blue eyes

Stripenose-ginger tabby tom with amber eyes


Icestep-white she-cat with small silver paws and green eyes


Breezeleaf-black tom with amber eyes

Blueflower-gray blue tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Seedfall-golden dapped she-cat with blue eyes

Apprentices: Lightflower-pretty creamy brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes, medicine cat apprentice

Applepaw-moltted brown she-cat with green eyes

Fawnpaw-light brown tabby she-cat with a white belly and amber eyes

Queens: Fernleaf-pale gray tabby she-cat with green eyes,mothering kits:Littlekit(dark brown tabby tom with

amber eyes),Snowkit(white she-cat with gray patches and blue eyes),Cloudkit(white she-cat with black spotted

fur and dark blue eyes)

Dawnfoot-light creamy brown she-cat with blue eyes,expecting Brackenwhisker's kits

Elders: Larchfur-brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Troutsplash-pale gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes