1. (Not So) Peaceful Life as a Housecat Edit

Crystal felt paws digging into her and she opened one eye. It was her sister, Glittery.

"Wake up," Glittery ordered.

"No," Crystal replied.

"Then I exile you from this house, because I rule around here!" Glittery announced.

"All right, all right," Crystal groaned. "And, Glittery, just because you were firstborn doesn't mean you have the right to order all the rest of us around."

"It's Queen Glittery to you!" she roared.

"Mistress!" their brother Asteroid called. "I found some brown stones in a red crater!"

Their mother, Lollipop, entered the scene. "Just because you've found something new," Lollipop told them, "doesn't mean it's ancient. It's time for you to eat kibble instead of mush."

"What's kibble?" Glittery asked.

"Oh, I'll let you find out yourself," Lollipop answered.

"As queen of the house, I demand you to tell me what kibble is!" Glittery ordered in her I'm-so-special-I-was-first-born-I'm-queen-and-you've-all-got-to-listen-to-me voice.

"I'm queen, last time I remembered," Lollipop said.

"I have got to get rid of those rebels," Glittery grumbled.

"Glittery-" Crystal broke off. "I- I mean Queen Glittery, I saw another citizen while I was out on the grounds, and he said, 'A kit, queen of our house-place? Pshaw.,' so we've gotta chase him off."

"Not now, Lowland," Glittery snapped. "I need to talk with Asteroid about those cylinder-shaped little brown stones in that red crater. He says they're edible, but taste disgusting. At least they quench your hunger. I'm off to try one."

"She called me Lowland!" Crystal muttered under her breath. "Time to escape."

2. Escapee Edit