Fallsclan AllegiancesEdit

Leader: Streamstar-Grayish-blue tom with small white paws and dark blue eyes

Deputy: Jingleberry-Young tortoiseshell she-cat with white paws a white underbelly and bright amber eyes

(Apprentice: Nightpaw)

Medicine Cat: Rainear- Look in Queen section



Goldengaze-Golden she-cat with amber eyes

Moontail-Silver spotted she-cat with green eyes

Brownstripe-Light brown tom with a dark brown stripe along her spine and amber eyes

Cloudyfoot-Gray she-cat with white paws and icy blue eyes

(Apprentice: Sunpaw)

Ivyclaw-Brown tom with a red paws and very dark green eyes

Mouseleg-Dusty brown tom with amber eyes

Honeytail-Very light brown she-cat with light amber eyes

Berryfern-Red she-cat with light green eyes

Badgerstep-Black and white tom with amber eyes

Kinkfang-Black tom with blue eyes

(Apprentice: Poppypaw)

Webtail-Grey tabby tom with green eyes

Willowbark-Dark brown and gray she-cat with brown eyes

Salmonleap-Silver tom with a red belly and icy blue eyes

(Apprentice: Stonepaw)

Redleaf-Red she-cat with light green eyes

Tallreed-Long limbed grayish blue she-cat with green eyes

Halfmoon-Black and silver tom with gray eyes

Lilystem-Bright ginger she-cat with almost yellow chest and tail tip with bright green eyes

(Apprentice: Specklepaw)

Iceflower-White she-cat with icy blue eyes and is said to share a resemblance to Dawnfur

Skyfeather-Silver tabby tom with dark blue eyes

Leopardstep-Ginger tabby with spotted feet and green eyes

Furngaze-Tortoiseshell she-cat with dark green eyes

Pricklecloud-Brown she-cat with brownish-amber eyes

Flamestripe-Red she-cat with ginger paws, a ginger stripe running down her back and amber eyes

Petalflight- Red she-cat with a white tail tip and white paws with bright green eyes

Honeyleaf-Rare golden-yellow she-cat with violet eyes

Apprentices: Blossompetal-White she-cat with a red tail and deep green eyes (Medicine cat apprentice)

Sunpaw-Golden tom with ginger splotches and amber eye

Poppypaw-Red she-cat and green eyes

Nightpaw-Almost black tabby she-cat with bright amber eyes

Stonepaw-Gray she-cat with gray eyes

Specklepaw-Tortoiseshell she-cat with icy blue eyes

Queens: Dovesong-White she-cat with blue eyes.

Cloudheart-White she-cat with ginger patches and dark blue eyes mothers Brownstripe’s kits,

Squirrelkit (Brown she-kit with a white stripe down her back and blue eyes), and Swirlkit (White tom with light brown patches and dark blue eyes)

Slips-Brown and grey she-cat with green eyes (Former Kittypet) mothers Salmonleap’s kits, Troutkit (Silver tom with icey blue eyes), Mudkit (Brown she-kit with a silver belly and green eyes), and Graykit (Gray she-kit with a red belly and dark blue eyes)

Dawnfur-White she-cat with a gray tipped tail and icy blue eyes expecting Streamstar's kits

Rainear-Grayish-blue tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes mothers Halfmoon's kits, Dewkit , Mosskit, Silverkit.

Elders: Jaggedstone-Dark gray tom with a white under belly and green eyes

Pineclaw-Brown tabby tom with dark green eyes

Jaypelt-Grayish-blue she-cat with icy blue eyes

====Previously died ====

Mossheart-Tortoiseshell tom with green eyes

Sparrowtail- Brown tom with white chest and amber eyes (former medicine cat)

Poppycloud-Red and white she-cat with gray eyes (former queen)

Volefang-Dusty brown tom with a short tail and light amber eyes

Robinstar- Red tom with a white underbelly and amber eyes, prevous leader of Fallsclan.