Proluge Edit

Stars sparkled the sky as a cat slipped out of the shadows.Her starry gray-blue fur was sleek and clean and her eyes were bright with hope."A prophecy has come!"annouced the she-cat."Three will roam the forest with the powers to survive anything."whispered a voice.Cats whipped around their the head to see a beautiful light brown tabby she-cat called Birdheart.The light brown tabby stepped forward and said,"These three cats must be careful if they are going to use their power."Birdheart's eyes were wide with sorrow.She shook her head and went face to face to the gray-blue she-cat."Blueshine,we will have to help them in order for them to know the way."Blueshine nodded."You're right.Kestrelpaw,come with us."ordered Blueshine.A moltted brown tom came running to the two she-cats."Wait!"yowled a voice.A black tom with amber eyes pushed his way to Blueshine.He pressed his muzzle to the gray-blue she-cat's ear and sais,"We must not go yet.They are still kits after all.We will go to them when they are apprentice,at 8 moons old."Blueshine hesitated."All right Nightstar,"grumbled Blueshine.Nightstar purred and led the gray-blue she-cat away to the den."Until then,rest safely little kin,"meowed Birdheart softly with sorrow.

Chapter 1Edit

"Hey Dovekit!"yowled a voice.A pretty silver flecked she-cat woke up at once.Sunshine dappled her pelt to bright gray and her river-blue eyes were half-closed with sleepiness."Honestly,Tallkit,"complained Dovekit."Any cat would think we were being attacked by huge mice!"A light brown tabby she-cat slipped in to join her arguing brother and sister."Lay off Tallkit,"said Featherkit with affection."Dovekit is just sleepy after the big yowl you just did."Tallkit opened his mouth to proest,but their mother,Hazelwing,was awake."Tallkit,stop waking up your sister."scowled Hazelwing.She gave Tallkit a gentle cuff on the ear and turned to the her daughters."Featherkit,Dovekit,same thing as well."

Hazelwing arched her back and then turned back to her noisy kits."You might as well go find your father to play with."The three kits let out a happy yowl.Their father was Molewhisker,the Clan deputy.The three kits charged out as once,yelling and racing each other to find their father.A silver tabby queen called Whitestream yawned sleepily.Her belly was still swollen with her kits which were expected any day now."You'll have to keep an eyes on those three kits."said Whitestream."I know,"said Hazelwing,watching her kits wrestling over a plump mouse.