Pawsteps crushed the snow.A gray tabby she-cat white white chest and paws struggled her way through the snow.Two kits were close beside her,wailing.One kit was a pretty silver tabby she-cat with river-blue eyes and the other was a gray tom with with black stripes and amber eyes.A tabby she-cat was waiting for them near the border.Her amber eyes narrowed and then relaxed as she saw the gray tabby she-cat."Are the kits alright Jaystripe?"asked the tabby.The gray tabby she-cat nodded and pushed the kits forward."The silver tabby she-cat is Echokit and the gray tom with black stripes is Darkkit."said the gray tabby with a trembling feeling."Please take care of them Swiftheart."The gray tabby fled for the trees amd didn't look back.The tabby she-cat sighed and shook her head.Then she sweep the kits to her and started leading them to IceClan.

Chapter 1Edit

"Echokit,wake up,"whispered a soft voice.A pretty silver tabby kit opened her eyes.Rays of sunlight were streaming throught the nursery as the sun shined throught the nursery entrance.Echokit twisted her head to look at Swiftheart,her mother.The tabby she-cat was now waking up Darkkit.After Darkkit was awake,he sprang up."Can we go out to play?"asked Darkkit eagerly.Swiftheart shook her head."But its sunny!"protested Darkkit.'But it's still snowing,"pointed out Swiftheart.Darkkit grumbled,but didn't protest.Swiftheart let out a purr and started licking Darkkit's pelt."I can groom myself!"said Darkkit.Swiftheart didn't say anything except flicked her tail."Why don't you go play with the apprentices?"suggested Fawnleap,a brown tabby queen.Echokit looked eagerly at Swiftheart who nodded and said,"But be back at sunhigh!"Echokit and Darkkit charged out of the nursery and into the apprentice's den.