A dark brown tabby tom raced through the woods and stopped at a stream.A silver-and-white tabby she-cat was starring at the stream.When the tom arrived she lifted her head."Hawkclaw!"she cried in delight.The tom pressed himself close to the she-cat,twining her tails with her's."I'm glad you made it,"said the she-cat."I have something to tell you."The tom sat up and asked,"What is it Ivywing?"The silver-and-white tabby licked her chest and said,"I'm expecting kits."The tom blinked at his mate and started purring.He licked his mate's ears a couple times and said,"Don't worry.Our kits will be beautiful."The silver-and-white tabby nodded and said,"But how will I raise it?"The tom thought for a couple of seconds and said,"I could give it to my sister.She's still expecting her litter."The silver-and-white tabby nodded at once."I'll give it to you when it's born,"she decided.Then she look at the dark brown tabby with scared eyes."You'll be with me when I kit right?"she asked.The tom nodded at once."Of course!"Then they left to their own territory.

While they left,their starry ancestors watched over them."Why?"wailed a beautiful snowy white she-cat."Why did my daughter do this?"A tortoiseshell queen pressed her pelt to the white she-cat and led her away."It was their destiny,"replied a calm voice.A black-and-white tom appeared and walked to the cats."Badgerheart,"said a pale tabby she-cat.A spotted silver tom dipped his head to the black-and-white tom."Yes,"agreed the pale tabby she-cat."It was their destiny."The tortosieshell queen appeared again and sighed."Until then,we'll have to watch their kit survive this terrible secret."The cats nodded and left.When the tortoiseshell left,the white she-cat slipped beside the pool."With this wish and the power of StarClan,"she whispered to her unborn grandkit,"I give you the blessing of being safe from this burden forever."Then she walked away.

Chapter 1Edit

"Featherkit,catch!"A kit turned around and caught a ball of moss with her claws."To easy,"said Featherkit gleefully.Mosskit and Sunkit,their littermates,trotted to join them."Now let's play,"said Stormkit with a hint of challenge in his eyes.He threw the ball of moss.Featherkit lunged and caught it with outstretched claws."I win!"said Featherkit.

"Kits,"called Rushstream,their mother.The queen looked at stormy gray clouded sky and then at her kits."Come along,"she said.Featherkit ran into the nusery."Come on,"she called to her littermates."Let's play in here."Stormkit nodded and made a new ball of moss."Sunkit catch!"said Stormkit.Before the golden tabby tom could reach it,Featherkit leaped forward and caught it."To late!"she said.Jadeflower,a pregnant queen,woke up."She'll make a fine warrior,"purred Jadeflower warmly to Rushstream.Featherkit's mother nodded with proud glowing eyes."I know.""So will I,"said Stormkit crossly.Rushstream licked his head and purred."Of course!" She looked at all of them."You all will."Then Mosskit yawned and Rushstream briskly carried her to her nest."But until then,you'll be taking a nap!"To tired to complain,Rushstream hurried them to the nest.She curled around them and Featherkit yawned.She looked at her mother and said,"I'll make a great warrior right?"she asked.Rushstream purred and said,"Of course."Featherkit glowed with happiness and fell asleep.