Leader: Pinestar-Reddish-brown tom

Deputy: Sunfall-Bright ginger tom

Medicine Cat: Goosefeather-Speckled grey tom

(Apprentice: Featherwhisker)

Warriors: Tawnyspots-Light gray tabby tom

Stonepelt-Gray tom

Stormtail-Blue-gray tom

Adderfang-Mottled brown tabby tom

Tawnyspots-Light gray tabby tom

Sparrowpelt-Big, dark brown tabby tom

Smallear-gray tom with very small ears

(Apprentice: Whitepaw)

Thrushpelt-Sandy-gray tom with white flash on his chest

Robinwing-Small, energetic brown she-cat with ginger patch on her chest

Fuzzypelt-Black tom with fur that stands on end

Windflight-Gray tabby tom

(Apprentice: Dapplepaw)

Speckletail-pale tabby she-cat

Apprentices: Featherwhisker-Pale silvery tom with long whiskers and a sweeping, plumy tail

Dapplepaw-Beautiful tortoiseshell she-cat with a lovely dapled coat

Whitpaw-Light grey she-cat with one clouded, sightless eye

Queens:Swiftbreeze-Tabby-and-white she-cat

Moonflower-silver-gray tabby she-cat with dark stripes

(Mother to Fiercekit, Seakit, Bluekit, and Snowkit)

Poppydawn-Long haired, dark red she-cat

Elders: Weedwhisker-Pale orange tom with white flecks

Mumblefoot-Slightly clumsy brown tom

Larksong-Tortoiseshell she-cat

Kits:Fiercekit- Beautiful golden tabby she-cat with dark brown stripes and piercing blue eyes

Seakit- Grayish-blue she-cat with amber eyes

Bluekit -Blue-gray she-cat

Snowkit -White she-cat with gay tipped ears


Leader: Cedarstar-Very dark gray tom with a white belly

Deputy: Stonetooth-Gray tabby tom with long teeth

Medicine Cat: Sagewhisker-White she-cat with long whiskers

Warriors: Raggedpelt-Large, dark brown tabby tom

Foxheart-Bright ginger she-cat

Crowtail-Black tabby she-cat

(Apprentice, Cloudpaw)

Brackenfoot-Pale ginger tom with dark ginger legs

Archeye-Gray tabby tom with black stripes and thick stripe over eye

Hollyflower-Dark gray-and-white she-cat

Apprentices: Cloudpaw-N/A*

Queens: Featherstorm-Brown tabby she-cat

Poolcloud-Gray-and-white she-cat

Elders: Lizardfang-Light brown tabby tom with one hooked tooth

Littlebird-Small-ginger tabby she-cat


Leader:Heatherstar-Pinkish gray she-cat

Deputy:Reedfeather-Light brown tabby tom

Medicine Cat:Hawkheart-mottled dark brown tom

Warriors:Dawnstripe-Pale gold tabby she-cat with creamy stripes


Redclaw-Dark ginger tom


Apprentices: Tallpaw-N/A


Queens: N/A

Elders: Whiteberry-Small pure white tom


Leader:Hailstar-Thick pelted gray tom

Deputy:Shellheart-Dappled gray tom

Medicine Cat:Brambleberry-Pretty white she-cat with black spots

Warriors:Rippleclaw-Black and silver tabby tom

Timberfur-Brown tom

Owlfur-Brown and white tom

Ottersplash-White and pale-ginger she-cat


Queens:Lillystem-Pale gray she-cat

(Mother to Crookedkit and Oakkit)

Fallowtail-Light brown she-cat

(Mother to Graykit and Willowkit)

Elders:Troutclaw-gray tabby tom