Leader: Creamstar- Brown and white tabby she-cat with light blue eyes.

Deputy: Nightwing- Black tom with white belly, legs, tail tip, and orange eyes.

Medicine Cat: Roseheart- Pinkish-gray she-cat with a red over her muzzle and deep green eyes.

(Apprentice: Cloverpaw)

Warriors: Echosplash- Grayish-blue tom with amber eyes.

Dawnshine- White she-cat with light blue eyes.

Crowmist- Black and white she-cat with gray eyes.

Foxblaze- Dark ginger tom with black legs, white tail tip, and bright blue eyes that burn like fire.

(Apprentice: Dreampaw)

Cloudfeather- Silver tom with a white chest and dark blue eyes.

Brokenpetal- Brown she-cat with a broken silver foot and amber eyes.

Emberstream- Molted ginger tabby tom with black patches and orange eyes.

(Apprentice: Dreampaw)

Dustspots- Dusty brown tom with silver patches and golden eyes.

Frostfeather- Silver tabby she-cat with gray paws and amber eyes.

Hailstorm- White she-cat with icy blue eyes.

Fernsplash- Brown tom with orange eyes.

(Apprentice: Dewpaw)

Moonshadow- Silver she-cat with black patches and amber eyes.

Apprentices: Cloverpaw- white she-cat with silver eyes.

Dreampaw- Silver and white she-cat with blind icy blue eyes.

Dewpaw- Silver tabby tom with bright blue eyes.

'Q'ueens: Mistflight- Silver and white she-cat with deep green eyes, expecting Emberstream’s kits.

Jayshine- Gray tabby she-cat with silver paws and green eyes, mother to Fernsplash’s kits, Hopekit (Silver she-kit with brown eyes) and Scarletkit (Ginger tabby tom with red tabby patches and green eyes)

Elders: Grassbreeze- Yellow tom with bright green eyes

Milkstripe- Brown she-cat with a cream tail and brownish-amber eyes, Creamstar’s mother.


Leader: Duskstar- Black she-cat with light blue eyes.

Deputy: Blizzardgaze- Brown she-cat with white eyes.

Medicine Cat: Lavapool- Red tom with black spots and green eyes.

Warriors: Jadesong- Black tabby she-cat with deep green eyes.

Dovefrost- White tom with gray eyes.

(Apprentice: Spiritpaw)

Eagletalon- Brown she-cat with a white underbelly and green eyes.

Marshfur- Dark brown tom with dark green eyes.

Lightningstrike- Yellow tabby she-cat with silver eyes.

(Apprentice: Poolpaw)

Tawnyfoot- Tortoiseshell she-cat with black paws, white underbelly and blue eyes.

Starshine- Silver tom with amber eyes.

Badgerstorm-Black and white tom with icy blue eyes.

Hollystream- Black she-cat with bright blue eyes.

(Apprentice: Snakepaw)

Riversplash- Grayish-blue tom with dark blue eyes.

Goldspirit-Gold tom with golden-amber eyes

Apprentices: Spiritpaw- Gray she-cat with violet eyes.

Poolpaw- Gray tom with blue eyes.

Snakepaw-Brown tom with green eyes.

Queens: Goldenheart- Ginger she-cat with blue eyes, expecting Starshine’s kits.

Heartpelt- Rare white and pink she-cat with light pink hearts all over her body with reddish-amber eyes, expecting Goldspirit’s kits.

Elders: Petalcloud-Silver and white she-cat with blue eyes.

Mistpelt-Gray she-cat that makes her pelt look like mist with icy blue eyes.


Leader: Waspstar-Yellow tom with a black stripe down her spine and blue eyes.

Deputy: Reedheart-Brown she-cat with green eyes.

Medicine Cat: Silverleaf- Silver and dark gray she-cat with green eyes.

(Apprentice: Swiftpaw)

Warriors: Sunburst-Light ginger almost yellow she-cat with one ginger ear, ginger paws, and a ginger tail tip with green eyes.

(Apprentice: Sparrowpaw)

Shiningfeather-White she-cat with blue eyes.

Fireblaze-Red tom with orange paws and stripe down her back and green eyes.

Dewfrost-Light gray tom with white eyes.

Acornheart-Brown she-cat with green eyes.

Barksplash-Brown tom with blue eyes.

(Apprentice: Darkpaw)

Silverstripe-Silver tabby tom with icy blue eyes.

Cloverstem-Brown she-cat with green eyes.

Mistleaf-Gray she-cat with green eyes.

Boulderfoot- Gray tom with dark gray paws and white eyes.

Rosepetal-Grayish-pink she-cat with dark blue eyes.

Morningcloud-Light gray tom with reddish-amber eyes.

Apprentices: Swiftpaw-Black she-cat with a stripe down her back with light blue eyes.

Sparrowpaw-Gray tom with dark blue eyes.

Darkpaw- Black she-cat with a white tail and amber eyes.

Queens: Nightshade-Black she-cat with dark green eyes, expecting Fireblaze’s kits.

Smallfoot-Very small white she-cat with green eyes, mother to Morningcloud’s kits, Eaglekit (Brown tom with green eyes) and Cherrykit (Red and ginger she-kit with amber eyes).

Duskwater-Black and very dark gray she-cat with marking like a flowing river with Very dark blue eyes, expecting Fireblaze’s kits.

Elders: Frostpelt-Once beautiful white tabby she-cat with icy blue eyes.

Ferntail- Ginger she-cat with brown tail and green eyes.

Cats outside the clansEdit

Dragon- Crimson tom with a ginger underbelly and deep green eyes.

Fern-.Gray she-cat with brown splashes, white paw tips, and stormy green eyes.

Maple- Gold tabby she cat with a white underbelly, a ginger ear, and deep green eyes.


Mary- Brown haired girl with hazel eyes.

Daniel- Black haired boy with green eyes.

Heather- Strawberry-blond haired girl with gray eyes.

Jane- Blond haired woman with hazel eyes, Mary’s mother.

David- Brown haired man with blue eyes, Mary’s father.