Leader: Reedstar-Brown tom with green eyes

(Apprentice: Redpaw)

Deputy: Robinfeather-Red tom with white belly and amber eyes

Medicine Cat: Sparrowtail: Brown tom with white chest and amber eyes

Warriors: Mossheart-Tortoiseshell tom with green eyes


Jaggedstone-Dark gray tom with a white under belly and green eyes

Pineclaw-Brown tabby tom with dark green eyes

Goldengaze-Golden she-cat with amber eyes

Mouseleg-Dusty brown tom with amber eyes

Honeytail-Very light brown she-cat with light amber eyes


Badgerstep-Black and white tom with amber eyes

Kinkfang-Black tom with blue eyes

Webtail-Grey tabby tom with green eyes

Salmonleap-Silver tom with a red underbelly and icy blue eyes


Tallreed-Long limbed grayish blue she-cat with green eyes

Volefang-Dusty brown tom with a short tail and light amber eyes

Furngaze-Tortoiseshell she-cat with dark green eyes

Dovesong-White she-cat with blue eyes

Jaypelt-Grayish-blue she-cat with icy blue eyes


Cloudheart-White she-cat with ginger patches and dark blue eyes

Apprentices: Halfpaw-Black and silver tom with gray eyes

Redpaw-Red she-cat with light green eyes

Willowpaw-Dark brown and gray she-cat with brown eyes

Moonpaw-Silver spotted she-cat with green eyes

Brownpaw-Light brown tom with a dark brown stripe along her spine and amber eyes

Ivypaw-Brown tom with a red paws and very dark green eyes

Queens: Poppycloud-Red and white she-cat with gray eyes mother Volefang’s kits, Berrykit(Red she-kit with light green eyes) and Cloudykit (Gray she-kit with white paws and icy blue eyes)

Elders: Lionfur- Large golden tom with green eyes

Swiftstripe-Grey she-cat with white stripes over her back and gray eyes


Leader:Silverstar-Slender silver she-cat with gray eyes

Deputy:Grassgaze-Light brown she-cat with a white under belly and light green eyes

Medicine Cat:Petalheart-Rare pinkish-gray she-cat with dark green eyes

Warriors:Nettlefoot-Dusty brown tabby tom with light brown eyes

Foxfoot-Light ginger tom with amber eyes

Dragon-Muscular red tom with icy blue eyes (Formerly a rouge)

(Apprentice: Spikepaw)

Monsterpath-Silver and gray tom with very dark gray eyes

Tornnose-Tortoiseshell she-cat with a claw mark on her nose with blue eyes

Deadeye-Older gray tom with one blind eye, and blue eyes

Badgerleap-Slender white and black she-cat with golden eyes

Beatleear-Muscular black tom with brown eyes

Blacktail-White tom with a black tail and pale green eyes

Wolffang-White tom with a grey muzzle and icy blue eyes

(Apprentice: Swirlpaw)

Brokenfang- Tortoiseshell tom with dark blue eyes

Darkfire-Dark brown tabby she-cat with red paws and dark gray eyes

Ivygaze-Brown tom with green eyes

Swiftstream- White and grayish-blue she-cat with very pale gray eyes

Apprentices:Wolfpaw-Gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Spikepaw-Dark cream tabby with grey eyes

Swirlpaw-Creamish tom with dark cream swirls around his body with very pale amber eyes


Hawkflight-Light brown she-cat with amber eyes (expecting Bokenfang’s kits)

Snakebite-Brown she-cat with green eyes mothers of Beatleear’s kits, Eaglekit (Light brown she-kit with a white under belly and icy blue eyes) and Thornkit (Black tom with one brown paw and green eyes)

Elders:Redsnow-White tom with a red tail and ears, with icy blue eyes

Lepordpelt-A large golden spotted tabby she-cat with green eyes resembles a leopard


Leader: Thislestar-A gray tom with spiky fur and pale amber eyes

Deputy: Whitefoot-A large, long-furred, bright ginger, almost yellow tom, with yellow tabby stripes with small white feet and pale gray almost white eyes

Medicine Cat: Starlingsong- Silver and white she-cat with a white underbelly and tail with blue eyes

Warriors: Silverpelt-Silver she-cat with bright amber eyes

Violetflame-Bright ginger she-cat with rare violet eyes

Ambergaze-Pale ginger tom with yellow eyes

(Apprentice: Pinepaw)

Icestorm-Gray tom with large white paws and tail tip with icy blue eyes

Flamestripe-Light ginger tom with a ginger stripe going down his back and amber eyes

Brackenfrost-Golden-brown she-cat with icy blue eyes

Dewshine-A long haired gray she-cat with small white patches that makes her shine and very pale green eyes

Doveflight-Pale gray she-cat with light blue eyes

(Apprentice: Stonepaw)

Cloudfoot-Grayish-blue tom with white feet and blue eyes

Squirreltail-Light brown she-cat with a large fluffy tail

Badgercatcher-Black and white tom with very pale gray eyes

Moonfire-Silver she-cat with pale amber eyes

(Apprentice: Goldenpaw)

Icestorm-Very pale grayish-blue tom with icy blue eyes

Snowpelt-White she-cat with a red tail tip and pale amber eyes

Fawnleap-Light brown she-cat with a white speckled back and green eyes

Apprentices: Pinepaw-Brown tom with dark green eyes

Stonepaw-Gray she-cat with dark gray eyes

Goldenpaw-Golden tabby she-cat with green eyes

Queens: Nettlecloud-Dark gray she-cat with green eyes (Expecting Icestorm’s kits)

Thrushpelt-Grayish-blue she-cat with a feathery tail and dark green eyes

Elders: Spottedstep-very pale ginger almost yellow she-cat with spotted feet

Other CatsEdit

Stream- Grayish-blue tom with small white paws and dark blue eyes

Dawn- White she-cat with a gray tipped tail and icy blue eyes mothering Stream’s kits,

Rain (Grayish-blue tabby she-kit with dark blue eyes), Lily (Bright ginger she-kit with almost yellow chest and tail tip with bright green eyes), and Ice (she-cat with icy blue eyes and is said to share a resemblance to Dawn)

Slips-Brown and gray she-cat with green eyes (Kittypet)

Jingle-Tortoiseshell she-cat with white paws a white underbelly and bright amber eyes