A light brown tabby she-cat slipped out from the trees.A black tom followed."A prochecy has come!"annouced the light brown tabby."Yes,"agreed a dark gray tabby."One with the power of Stars will change the Clans forever,"whispered a tortoiseshell.Murmurs of surprise rippled through the cats."Which Clan will it come from?"asked a pale gray tabby."I don't know,"admitted the tortoiseshell."Until then,we will wait."said the light brown tabby.A murmur of agreement rippled through the crowds.The light brown tabby let out a purr and slipped back to her nest.One by one,cats followed her.The tortoiseshell cat stayed until everybody left."May we light her path."she whispered.Then she slipped away.

Chapter 1Edit

"Look,she opened her eyes!"said Sandfall happily.A dark ginger tabby she-kit called Squirrelkit blinked her bright green eyes at her mother."Welcome to the world little one,"whispered Sandfall.Squirrelkit looked around.Her littermates Goldenkit and Stormkit were still sleeping."Was I the first one to open my eyes?'asked Squirrelkit.Sandfall purred."Of course!"Squirrelkit let out a sigh of relief."That's good."Sandfall purred again and licked Squirrelkit's head.Hawkwing,a dark brown queen,woke up.She spotted Squirrelkit and purred."I see you opned your eyes."Hawkwing said.Squirrelkit nodded.A dark brown tabby tom climbed out of Hawkwing's nest."HI,I'm Gorsekit!"said the dark brown tabby.Hawkwing rolled her eyes and shoved Gorsekit out of the nest gently.A light brown tabby followed Gorsekit out."Hi Squirrelkit!"said the light brown tabby."I'm Dapplekit.Do you want me to show you around BrambleClan's camp?"Squirrelkit nodded eagerly.Then she turned to Sandfall."May I go?"begged Squirrelkit.Sandfall nodded."Of course,"said Sandfall.

Squirrelkit climbed out of Sandfall's nest and followed Dapplekit.Gorsekit followed them.Squirrelkit trotted happily out of the nursery.When they reached a odd den made out of twisted branches and leaves,they stopped."This is the apprentice's den,"said Dapplekit."Only Whitepaw and Cloudpaw sleep in here now."Just as Dapplekit said that,two heads popped out of the den.One was a pale gray she-cat with gray-blue tabby stripes with white paws and the other was a white fluffy she-cat with black spotted fur.The pale gray she-cat with gray-blue tabby stripes spoke."Are you Sandfall's kit?"she asked.Squirrelkit nodded."I'm Cloudpaw and that's Whitepaw,"continued Cloudpaw.Squirrelkit dipped her head to them."I'm Squirrelkit."Cloudpaw nodded and went back into the den,followed by Whitepaw.Dapplepaw led on to the next den.

"Now this is the medicine cat den,"annouced Dapplekit."Fallenleaf sleeps and works in there with Jadeflower.Let's go see if they're in there,"said Gorsekit.The three kits walked into the den.Inside the den was a young dark gray she-cat with black dappled flecks."That's Jadeflower,"whispered Dapplekit.The dark gray cat turned around at Dapplekit's whisper and purred."Hello Squirrelkit!"The dark ginger tabby kit looked at Jadefllower in surprise."How do you know my name?"whipered Squirrelkit.Jadeflower smiled."I was at your kitting when your mother gave birth to you."Squirrelkit nodded.Dapplekit nudged Squirrelkit."Let's keep going!"The kits said farewell to Jadeflower and walked away.

"Let's go to the elder's den!"said Dapplekit happily.Squirrelkit nodded and followed Dapplekit to the elder's den.Gorsekit followed them.Inside the den layed five elders.Two of them were sleeping while the other three were chatting.