BrambleClan Edit

Leader Featherstar-fluffy silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Deputy Mothwhisker-gray and silver tabby tom with amber eyes

Medicine Cat Fallenleaf-white she-cat with bright ginger patches and tail and geen eyes



Jaysong-gray tabby tom with blue eyes

Littleheart-light ginger tabby she-cat with light blue eyes

Firestorm-dark ginger tabby tom with green eyes


Quickfeather-moltted light brown she-cat with darker flecks and dark blue eyes


Ravenwing-black tom with white tipped tail and amber eyes

Flyleg-gray tom with one black leg and blue eyes

Dewpool-silver spotted tabby she-cat with river-blue eyes

Rosestem-dark cream colored tabby she-car with green eyes


Briarshine-dark brown she-cat with bright ginger patches and amber eyes

Jumpspring-brown tom with green eyes


Lilypaw-pale gray tabby she-cat with pale green eyes

Emberpaw-dark gray tom with thick fur and amber eyes

Talonpaw-tortoiseshell and brown tom with amber eyes


Hawkwing-dark brown she-cat with pale ginger stripes and blue eyes,mother of Ravenwing's kits:

Gorsekit(dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes) and Dapplekit(light brown tabby she-cat with pale blue eyes)

Sandfall-pale ginger tabby queen with a white underbelly and pale green eyes,mother of Firestorm's kits:

Squirrelkit(dark ginger tabby she-cat with bright green eyes),Stormkit(dark gray tom with black stripes and

dark blue eyes),and Goldenkit(golden tabby she-cat with pale amber eyes)


Brindlewing-long furred gray dappled tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Voleclaw-light brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Cinderstep-gray tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes

Littlewing-dark golden tom with blue eyes

Blackheart-black tom with white tipped ears and gray streaks of fur and pale blue eyes