Stoneclaw and later Stonestar was a warrior renown for being apart of thunderclan, Later after the thunderclan camp burned down he formed stoneclan, He will be a similar main antagonist of warriors origins( A series made  by me.)

Current: Stoneclan
Past: Thunderclan/Windclan
Name: Stoneclaw
Members: Flykit Duskkit and Mistykit(Children.) Mudstream(Mother) Cloudtail(Brother) and thornstump(Brother)


Thks will be told in small parts.


Stonekit was one of three kit's born to mudstream and adderfang in his early life He was constantly bullied by his two siblings thornkit(Later thornstump) and cloudkit(Later cloudpaw) the two always stalked him and blamed all of their problems on the small child.


His apprenticeship wasn't any better..due to the leader of thunderclan having a hatred for adderfang his apprenticeship was held back till he worked hard, As an apprentice he became bitter and actually fought back with his siblings alot more till his mother's dead

As a warriorEdit

As a warrior stoneclaw had secretly plotted against his brother, Later his brothers Cloudtail and thornstump were poisoned by deathberries and he immediately continued more plots, Stoneclaw wanted to get rid of the rest of his family in some of the most gruesome ways though his father and mother had to go..


His father DID go due to sickness( Its not shown which.) Satisfied without  his terrible family, He had caught the heart of a female known as Flowerdust, He ended up mating with the female and producing three kit's but sadly was banished from the clan due to them finding out he killed his brother.

A New clanEdit

During his time he helped windclan grow big and would try forming his own clan, Albeit unsuccessfully stoneclaw had abandoned flowerdust for a loner known as talon, The female gave stoneclaw three kit's whom he called Duskkit, Flykit, Mistykit.