The night glistned blankly against the Silverpelt. The forest was ruffled by a light breeze. Three feline shapes stood out as they wove gently through the thick forest.

"Badgerstar, can't we stop this?" A black-and-white pelted cat asked, his green eyes full of sorrow. The black tom with a white stripe across his face stopped, and shook his head.

"No," He answered, quickly padding off. The black-and-white tom opened his mouth to speak again, but Badgerstar quickly cut him off. "It can't , Toadheart." He snarled, his tail lashing angerily at Toadheart.

"Well, maybe you can sit there and watch our clans be distroyed, but I'm going to try and save our clans." Toadheart hissed to the former SwiftClan leader, padding off into the forest.