"SunClan,attack!"yowled a dark brown tabby tom.Cats streamed out from their dens to attack the intruders.The dark brown tabby tom narrowed his eyes and made his way to SunClan's leader.The SunClan leader was fighting furoisly to defend the camp.He spotted the dark brown tabby and shouted,"Tigerbreeze,come help me!"

The dark brown tabby hurried his way to him.Instead of helping the golden tabby SunClan leader,he attacked him instead."Your time is over Sunstar,it's time for me to lead the Clan!"hissed the dark brown tabby.The golden tabby struggled his way to escape the dark brown tabby.Soon,the weight of the dark brown tabby vanished.A ginger tom with long outstreched claws had killed the dark brown tabby.The golden tabby got up and shook his ruffled fur."Thank you Fireblaze."The ginger tom nodded and left the unmoving body to be treated.The battle was over.The golden tom jumped onto the Echo Rock and yowled,"Let every SunClan cat gather beneath Echo Rock!"

Everybody settled beneath Echo Rock and listened intently for what the golden tabby leader had to say."Everybody,Tigerbreeze tried to kill me!"said the leader.Everybody gasped except for a beautiful ginger tabby queen whose belly was swollen with Tigerbreeze's kits.She raised her head and let out an agonized wail.A white and brown tabby she-cat bounded the the ginger queen and led her to the nursery."What happened to Tigerbreeze then?"asked a trembling voice.The golden tabby bowed his head and said,"He is dead."

Meanwhile,the ginger tabby queen was settling inside the nursery.After the annoucement Sunstar made,the ginger tabby was sure trouble would come to her kits.She licked her swolledn belly and whispered,"Nobody will ever harm you guys while I'm with you."And she made that a promise.

Chapter 1Edit

"Hey Tawnykit!"yowled a voice.A dark tortoieshell whipped her head around.